About Us

Phytosciences was conceived to represent patients and to provide quality control and assurance services to the medical cannabis laboratory testing industry. Phytoscience’s primary mission is to establish standards within the cannabis testing sector as a global leader in medicinal cannabis product development and manufacturing, validated cannabis laboratory testing practices, and cannabis quality control to ensure the safety of the medicine.

Our Services

Clinical Trial Development

We offer clinical research consultant solutions designed for biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical companies on both regional and global levels focused in investigating the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids.

Laboratory Startup

We provide customizable solutions and insight for the design of cannabis testing laboratories.

Laboratory Optimization

The Phytosciences team provides guidance on the development of validated analytical methods for cannabinoid analysis and testing.

GMP Bioprocessing Design

Our experts provide guidance for cannabis extraction set-up laboratories from small scale to industrial scale manufacturing.

Product Development

We provide direction on how to set-up the manufacturing site to engineer medicinal cannabis-based therapeutics.