Clinical Trial Development

Our team of 40+ consulting professionals specializes in medical consulting so you can keep your clinical trial / drug development operating efficiently. We can help your company maintain and develop clinical research standards while preparing for product marketing and commercialization.

Laboratory Startup

Designing a cannabis testing laboratory can be a daunting task. Allow Phytosciences to help you navigate the complex landscape with guidance from our experts. Our team members span multiple disciplines ranging from biochemistry to microbiology to pharmacology. We provide customizable solutions for your needs. Our highly trained staff provides insight into the initial design, testing methodology documentation, and equipment selection needed to operate your laboratory. Finding the right scientists to manage your laboratory is critical for your success and essential for your credibility. Phytosciences provides staffing solutions so you get the top talented scientists with suitable experience managing the laboratory. We provide on-site training to ensure that QA/QC and Good Laboratory Practices are followed.

Laboratory Optimization

Phytosciences has the staff, experience, and validated methods necessary to optimize your cannabis testing laboratory. The Phytosciences team provides optimization in areas pertaining to instrumentation, staff, and validated methods for Quality Control of cannabis-based products. We provide documentation and consultation to improve your current facility to meet the regulatory code in jurisdiction of operation.

GMP Bioprocessing Design

Our experts provide guidance for cannabis extraction set-up laboratories from small scale to industrial scale manufacturing. We work with leading equipment manufacturers to provide you with competitive rates and insight into the proper equipment for your needs. Furthermore, we provide staffing solutions to ensure your extraction set-up is performed by individuals with the adequate experience to ensure best practices. We work with regulators to ensure your laboratory is in compliance with local and national ordinances.

Product Development

In collaboration with leading cannabinoid researchers, clinical trial coordinators, formulation chemists, and product development specialists, we provide insight into the details and specifications of the manufacturing process and final cannabis medicinal product. Guided by clinical research, we determine the form of the product, how it will be produced, how it will be delivered, the active pharmaceutical ingredients, the non-active ingredients, and the optimal way to manufacture it. Our cannabis product development strategy stems from innovation and research. Allow the PhytoSciences team of scientists to set-up the manufacturing site to engineer cannabinoid-based therapeutics.